Unify posture practice

How We Are

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Orthopedics: Musculoskeletal and Neuromuscular conditions
Stage 1: Alleviate pain
Stage 2: Increase Flexibility, Mobility and Strength
Stage 3: Correct Posture

No Drugs & No Surgury
  1. Biostructural Correction

  2. Acupuncture, Electrical Stimulation

  3. Heat/Cold Packs

  4. Laser/LED Therapy

  5. Spinal Decompression

Balance & Stability

Get rid of tightness in the body and allow proper circulation to reach all areas of the body to nourish and heal through the natural healing abilities of the body. Find weakness and strengthen the muscles through: 

  1. Concentric (shortening of the muscles)

  2. Eccentric (elongation of the muscles)

  3. Isometric (static states of the muscles)

Exercises that molds your body towards better posture. Each exercises we teach are custom tailored to the individual. 

Biostructural Correction

Whenever your body is put into the correct position the body finds it easier to breath. The better you breath your health and mind improves. 

Mind Body Breath Unified Practice + An integrative approach to mental performance

The mind and body are inseparable. Each has a direct corresponding relationship to the other. What you eat, for example, affects your gut (which produces most of your neurostransmitters!) and in turn your brain. Consuming the right foods for your needs can balance out symptoms of ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression and make you more resilient to stress. 

Likewise, having high levels of physical and emotional stress can in turn create an onset of disease, gastrointestinal and otherwise. It's a two way street. Better body equals better mind. Optimized mind means optimized body. 

Another PHI Center core principle is POSTURE.

Better Posture allows you to breathe better by physically increasing lung capacity. The internal pressure generated by breath assists the cardiovascular system in pushing blood to the periphery and improving blood flow to the brain. The ability to maintain focus of your breath with good posture can ultimately change the brain. This has been proved in numerous EEG studies scanning the brain. In fact, prior to (and in addition to) neurofeedback technology, one of the best and most accessible ways people could change the structure and functions of their brains was through the use of meditation techniques to enhance their mind.
We work on correcting one's breathing patterns and teaching meditation styles and techniques as an adjunct to the neurofeedback we provide to create a very multimodal well-rounded approach to mental performance.

This includes but is not limited to addressing diet and lifestyle i.e. sleep hygiene, social relations, balancing circadian rhythms, ensuring proper hydration, supplementation, and proper self-care practices.