Light touch Technique

Activate your prefrontal Cortex of your brain

Using a light touch technique that can move blood, energy and cerebral spinal fluid into the brain activating the prefrontal cortex. Scientific research from university of Iowa by Dr. Penny Montgomery has shown through QEEG that this technique can activate the prefrontal cortex in which its its our most human part of our brain that distinguishes humans from the rest of the animal kingdom. This part of the brain is where joy, happiness, problem solving skills and where the executive decisions are being made. 

Contacts and Focused Breathing

Guide To Change Your Life

In addition to Neurofeedback, at the PHI Center we further enhance mental performance through Light Touch Techniques on Acupuncture Points that send blood and energy to, and stimulate metabolic processes in, your PFC (Pre-Frontal Cortex) - the "human" part of the brain that other animals do not have developed to the capacity humans do. It's what makes "higher thinking" possible. This part of the brain is responsible for planning, complex behaviors, and personality development.

Coupled with Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques, you can learn how to activate your PFC with a phrase that activates your breath.

Sessions - every Wednesdays 7:00PM at PHI Center