Defy Your DNA (Detoxify Nourish & Adapt) Program

Detox, Nourish and Balance program is geared for anyone who is looking to clean their system and give it a reboot. Clean your Liver & Gallbladder, detox your body of Viruses, Bacteria, Chemicals and Heavy Metals and nourish any deficiencies with herbal medicine to regain your health in your endocrine system (i.e. adrenals, thyroid, etc…) and we’ll provide a balanced lifestyle.

  • Stage 1: Detox/Diet 

  •  Stage 2: Nourish/Balance 

  •  Stage 3: Adapt/Augment/Anti-Age 

  •  Stage 4: Maintenance/Balance 

  •  Stage 5: Permanent Life Style Changes

DEtox / Diet

Stage 1


  • Liver/Gall Stones 

  • Bacteria 

  • Virus 

  • Chemicals 

  • Heavy Metals 

Clean out your lymphatic system

Through Diet stop eating "CRAP" 

     Carbonated Drinks 

     Refined Foods 

     Artificial Anything 

     Processed Foods


Stage 2

Nourish your body with:

  1. Vitamins

  2. Minerals

  3. Supplements made from natural ingredients that are absorbable

Through Nutrition learn how to create healthy habits and make permanent lifestyle changes.


Stage 3

Teach your body how to adapt to stress, so that you don't fall into your bad habits. Learn new ways to manage your stress naturally.

The goal of any health program is to slow down the aging process, which is the most valuable asset in our lives "QUALITY TIME."


stage 4

Once you reach this level people often revert back and we guide people to continue to stay the course as we observe how and measure their progress.

We have to be realistic in the modern world and do everything in moderation yet balancing and leaning more towards health.


stage 5

Learn to change yourself one molecule at a time. Eat yourself to be young, vibrant and beautiful!