Primary Holistic Integrative Method

Posture, Nutrition and Peak Performance is the ultimate vision of holistic health. Preventing disease by keeping people healthy through orthopedics, internal medicine and psychology, alongside proper lifestyle interventions around exposure to natural light, grounding, sleep hygiene, correcting circadian rhythms, physical movement, structural correction of the body, breathwork, meditation and much much more. We use the principles found in the ancient Four Pillars of East Asian Medicine and apply them in our work using East Asian Medicine, marrying it to the best of what technology currently offers us. We hack the mind and body using ancient wisdom and new tools like infrared light therapy, neurofeedback, PEMF technology, sound, and transcranial electro stimulation. This IS our "Primary Holistic Integrative Method." The PHI Method is designed to help people find balance and go beyond their potential to live lives full of meaning and purpose at their most healthy and optimal state.


Five Pillars of Health

Guide to Peak Performance

  1. Proper Diet

  2. Regular Exercise

  3. Adequate Rest/Sleep

  4. Positive Mental Focus

  5. Postural Hygiene

The Four Pillars of East Asian Medicine

What Is Qi?